Pacific West Seafood participates in the Wild BC Spot Prawn by Trap Fishery - a widely recognized sustainable fishery.

A sustainable fishery is one where management techniques ensure there will be still be a fishery for years to come. The Wild BC Spot Prawn fishery does the following to keep its sustainable status:

  • Limits the number of vessels that can commercially harvest prawns
  • Limits the fishery to trap gear - reduces by-catch of other species
  • Limits the number of traps that each vessel can use
  • Traps are limited to a single haul per day
  • Returns any prawn under 33mm in size to the ocean, live
  • Returns females with eggs back to the ocean, live
  • Monitors the spot prawn population, closing the fishery when prawn stocks lessen
  • License holders fund scientific research

Third-Party Recognition of Wild BC Spot Prawns as a sustainable fishery

David Suzuki Foudation's
SeaChoice program

"Best Choice"

Vancouver Aquarium's OceanWise program

"Sustainable Seafood Option"

Monterey Bay Aquarium's SeafoodWatch program

"Best Choice"