Pacific West Seafood participates in BC's Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna by Troll Fishery.

A sustainable fishery is one where management techniques ensure there will be still be a fishery for years to come, while reducing/eliminating bycatch (the catch of non-targeted species.

BC commercial fishermen catch Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna using barbless hooks on their trolling gear. Why does this combination work?

Trolling with barbless hooks allows the safe return of non-target species to the ocean. Trolling is also a surface level fishery that targets specific species without damaging habitat.

Third-Party Recognition of BC's Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna as a sustainable fishery

David Suzuki Foudation's
SeaChoice program

"Best Choice"

Vancouver Aquarium's OceanWise program

"Sustainable Seafood Option"

Marine Stewardship Council Status

"Certified as Sustainable"